Beauty Glossary

Your guide to our purely delightful, results-based ingredients. 

Organic Baobab Oil, South Africa: From one of the most celebrated trees in Africa, the baobab seed leaves a rich, silky feel on the skin. Packed with unearthly amounts of vitamins C and E, it can steadily protect your skin from oxidation while regenerating fresh and healthy skin. The omega fatty acids sooth inflammation and redness, so it is often used on stretch marks and scarring.  

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Raw Beeswax, USA: Beeswax is a precious protectant made by honey bees. Especially lovely for sensitive and itchy skin, we love this thick, fragrant wax for its antibacterial and humectant (moisture-attracting) properties. This means it not only keeps the skin clean, but also creates a protective barrier that brings moisture to the skin. A good source of vitamin A means this wax will go to work supporting cell turnover and reconstruction.

This high-quality beeswax is sourced from treatment-free beehives. “Untreated” means no pesticides, miticides, or medications are used inside the hive (or on the bees) unlike the majority of hives out there. Without chemicals to get in the way, this beeswax touts a pure golden hue and honey smell.

#raw #untreated #chemicalfree #antibiotic-free

Organic Bergamot Essential Oil, Italy: Bergamot could be called Nat Sci’s unofficial mascot, really. The poshest of all citrus fruits, bergamot is well-known for charming properties like lifting the spirit while calming the mind with its relaxant properties. Our babe bergamot doesn’t stop there; she also utilizes cicatrsant properties to help fade scarring as well as distributing skin's pigments and melanin evenly for a uniform and attractive skin tone. Your girl bergamot most def has your back.

#organic #bergaptene-free

Organic Bitter Red Orange Essential Oil, Egypt: Why go with that straight-up orange essential oil when you can step it up with the juicy, floral seductions of bitter red orange? These are the questions we ask for you, my dear natural beauty lover. This top note is tart and vibrant, perfect for when you're in need of a fresh start or new perspective.


Organic Camellia Seed Oil, USA: Often known as the geisha’s ultimate beauty secret, this winter-blooming flower penetrates skin easily. This allows for this collagen and elastin producing wonder to leave charming gifts like vitamins A, B, D, E and a rich Omega profile behind on your skin. With more naturally occurring antioxidants than almost any other botanic ingredient out there, it will go right to work soothing daily stresses like dryness and sun exposure. How could we not fall in love with this elegant oil?

#organic #cold-pressed #unrefined

Organic Cane Sugar, USA: A truly sweet alternative to the occasional sting of sea salt exfoliation, sugar keeps it oh-so gentle, letting you cleanse and scrub freely. These mild little crystals happily slough off dead skin cells while cleaning the dirt out of the pores below. The scrubbing action plus the exfoliating power of glycolic and alpha-hydroxy acid undoes the “glue” of the old, dead top layer of skin cells and encourages collagen production for glowingly nourished skin.

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Organic Cedarwood Essential Oil, Morocco: Like a refreshing hike through the woods, cedarwood essential oil has a special place in our hearts. Not only is it exceptionally calming to experience as a scent, it also has a powerful, regulating effect on skin. With regular use, it is able to balance skin’s sebum production, helping your skin deal with inflammation and irritation.


Organic Clary Sage, Bulgaria: Sometimes we find an essential oil that above-and-beyond blows us away with how well-rounded and nurturing it is; enter, clary sage. This mainstay is antibacterial, antiseptic, and astringent, reducing skin inflammation and balancing out skin’s oily and dry bits to bring you back to dewy equilibrium. Its powerful antioxidant properties tighten skin by strengthening and toning. On the aromatherapy side of things, this plant has been celebrated for its ability to increase joy and confidence, while combating stress and depression.


Organic Coconut Pulp, Sri Lanka: This rich, creamy, and buttery coconut essence will deliver you straight to the tropics. It’s mouth-watering aroma has verified moisturizing properties but, it's that roasted (and 100% natural) coconut scent that has us swooning.


Raw Honey, Oregon : This grade-A humectant retains skin’s moisture to leave you soothed oh-so-sweetly. Not to mention honey’s anti-bacterial properties do a top notch job at clarifying pores! 

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Organic Lime Essential Oil, Sri Lanka: This zesty, juicy lime scent washes away all one’s cares with its relaxing, stress-relieving vibes. The uplifting essence is commonly used in skin regimens to restore balance to oily and acne-prone skin because of its antibacterial, antiseptic, and antiviral properties.


Organic Mango + Shea Butter: One of these butters without the other seems criminal when you see the synergistic benefits of mango and shea butter. Packed full of vitamins A, C, B and E, this combo fights skin-damaging free radicals. This duo softens, strengthens, and nourishes skin.

#organic #cold-pressed #unrefined #fair-trade

Organic Olive Oil, USA Olive oil has been known as a bonafide beauty elixir since the time of Cleopatra, so needless to say it has a special place in our hearts. This beauty staple contains three major skin-loving antioxidants: vitamin E, polyphenols, and phytosterols. All three play their part in protecting skin, which means ultraviolet light and free radicals don’t stand a chance. Olive oil deeply penetrates skin, leaving it renewed and glowing. Serious liquid gold

#organic #extravirgin #cold-pressed #unrefined

Palo Santo Essential Oil, Ecuador: Palo Santo, known as “holy wood” in Spanish, has been loved throughout history for its use in spiritual practices. A earthy, sweet and lively wood, it has a similar vibes to white sage, both known for their grounding and relaxing properties. Cousin to Frankincense and Myrrh, this entrancing essence is sustainably harvested on the forest floor of Ecuador’s pacific coast. Deeply inhale this intoxicating note to find hints of citrus and mint.   


Organic Pumpkin Seed Oil: Considered a superfood for skin, pumpkin seed oil contains vital minerals like zinc and iron and vitamins E and K, which all work toward helping skin look fresh and rejuvenated. The high antioxidant factor sums up to improved skin tone and skin renewal, with special attributes for helping wounds heal more rapidly. Superb, indeed.

#organic #extravirgin #cold-pressed #unrefined #non-GMO

Rosemary Antioxidant + Elderberry Extract:

Acts as wonderful natural preservatives. 


Sandalwood Powder, Africa: When we say that sandalwood is one of natures most versatile ingredients, we are not playin’ around. Boasting antiseptic (reduces infection), astringent (cleanses and tones), anti-inflammatory (relieves swelling), and disinfectant (banishes bacteria) properties, your skin will be equipped to fight off rashes, blackheads, and itching. Oh, and not to mention, it has a neat ‘cooling’ effect on the skin, leaving you soothed and refreshed. Holy grail material as far as we’re concerned!